The Benefits of the Victoria Steel Above-Ground Pool ...

Like a Queen, The Victoria brings unique style, beauty and grace. The design inspired wall, color coordinated posts and top seat will complement any backyard. This pool is designed to whatever kids or Mother Nature can dish out. The 7” top seat and 6” steel posts with unique interlocking resin caps and resin foot collar gives the whole pool strength, support and style. Every Victoria pool is produced in North America and features a Vinyl Works deluxe liner, also manufactured in North America.



• 52” Pool Height
• 7” Top Rail
• 6” Steel Posts protected with polymer paint and Krystal Kote®
• Weatherized Polymer Coated Heavy Gage Steel Wall
• Design Inspired Wall
• Interlocking Resin Caps and Foot Collar


3/25 Year Prorated




The Benefits of the Burgess Hybrid Above-Ground Pool ...

The Burgess Aboveground swimming pool by Blue Cascade is one of the most impressive aboveground pools in the Blue Cascade product line. This 52” hybrid pool features a steel wall, top plate and uprights for added strength. All other components are resin. The Burgess Above ground pool exterior, like the falls, is beautiful to look at. The chocolate colored uprights against the gradated Microdots wall design will enhance any backyard environment. Every Burgess pool is manufactured in the USA and features a Vinyl Works deluxe interior finish, also fabricated in the USA.



• 52” Wall Height
• 8” Resin Top Ledge
• Steel Chocolate Uprights
• Chocolate Gradated Microdot Exterior
• Resin Stabilizer, Top Plate and Bottom Plate
• Two Piece Ledge Cover
• Oval System Non-Buttress Only


4 Year Full Warranty

Harmony 54



The Benefits of the Harmony Resin Above-Ground Pool ...

The Harmony aboveground swimming pool from Blue Cascade features the ultimate in strength and beauty. It’s state of the art design makes it the perfect choice for any backyard paradise. Featuring one of the widest, true radius, top ledges available and an astounding  54” depth, this pool is the pillar of strength and beauty. Each piece of the Harmony is precisely crafted and features a patented assembly  system. Add one of the industry’s strongest warranties and this pool will endure for a lifetime, guaranteed. Every Harmony is  produced in North America and features a Vinyl Works deluxe pool liner, also manufactured in North America.


• 54” Pool Height
• 9” True Radius Resin Ledges
 • 7” Resin Uprights
  • Oval System Non-Buttress Only
  • Galaxy Wall
   • Resin Plates & Rails
    • One Piece Ledge Covers & Foot Covers


5 Year Full




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Standard Above Ground Packages Include: Pool, Full print multi-bead liner, Hayward skimmer & return.




1. Hayward 1 H.P. pump 

2. Hayward 18” sand Filter 

3. Confer A-Frame Ladder

4. Floating Chlorinator

5.  Filter media 

6. Solar Cover

7. Winter Cover

8. Vacuum Pole

9. Vacuum Hose

10. Vacuum Head

11. Wall Brush

12. Skimmer Head

13. Test Strips

14. Thermometer   


Additional Options

- Confer Entry Step upgrade for A-Ladder 

- Upgrade to 25G Liner 

- Element Auto Cleaner 


If you are looking for other additions to your above ground pool just ask!  We work with a variety of dealers that can find whatever you may need!


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