Timing is everything and it's time to plan that new pool!!!!

Crystal Clear Pools

Common Qestions Regarding Your New Pool

Q: What factors go into the cost of a pool?

A: There are many different factors that play into the cost of the pool and some options that you may add on to enhance your new pool once we start building your package.  The cost of each pool is different based upon your needs, however some common factors include: the pool itself, installation, additional accessories, water, maintenance costs, energy to run the filters and heaters, and land excavation.  Additionally, some areas may require special permits or fencing around your new pool.  These will all be discussed as we build your package. 

Q: Who will install my pool?

A: We will!  Our owner, Dave DeAntonio, and head technicians lead our installation and maintenance crews, who all have years of experience with us and within the industry.  We will also give you our referrals for any other work that may need to be done by other professionals (ie: electrical). 

Q: What is a salt water pool?

A: A salt water pool provides all of the benefits you will find in ocean water for your hair and skin.  It also has the potential to allow for little to no shocking needed for your water, which has been tested under laboratory conditions.  The main reason customers choose salt water is based upon their own personal preference. 

Q: What is a High-Efficiency Pool?

A: A High Efficiency Pool is made by purchasing the most energy efficient products for your pool.  This is something that will add to your upfront cost but has the potential to reduce your monthly costs and maintenance. 

Q: What size & shape pool is best for us?

A:  It is important to remember that the first factor in choosing your new pool is the size of the property you are installing it on.  When we sit down with you for your initial consultation it is important to know how much space you have for installation.  We will gladly come to your property for a consultation and make our suggestions as to what size and shape your best fit in your yard and budget!

Q: What Options are available?

A: We work with some of the nation's best dealers and manufacturers which allows us to offer you a wide variety of options.  We offer all Imperial Pool products, which you can browse from our in-ground pool page.  Additionally we have many product examples and brochures in our showroom for you to browse.  Most importantly, if there is an option that you have your heart set on we will find what you want from one of our many dealers!

Q: What is the best time of year to buy and/or install a pool?

A: All installations are done on a first come first serve basis.  We suggest to shop for your pool in the fall and winter months so you are ready to install in the Spring and can get the most use out of your pool for the Summer.  It is not uncommon that our dealers will have some off season sales as well, so you may have the opportunity to save a little money rather than shopping during the season. 

Q: What other cost do we need to consider?

A: As addressed earlier it is important to consider your monthly electric bill, water to fill your pool, chemicals to maintain the quality of your water and the longevity of certain components of the pool.  We offer opening and closing packages or kits for purchase to ensure your pool to cared for properly to start and finishing each season.   Also, based upon your location permits and fencing may be required. 

Q: How long does it take to build an in-ground pool?

A: Each pool that we install is a different project, some may require less land manipulation than others, some may be larger than others, some may take a little longer because of mother nature.  Once we are able to survey the land and put your specific pool package together we will be able to give you a custom timeline for your project. 

Q: How do I keep my children safe around a pool?

A: We offer a variety of security measures for you to enhance the safety of your pool area.  There are alarms you can place on your fencing, different styles of fencing, and other products that we can show you if this is a concern and necessity for you. 

Q: How much will it cost to maintain my pool each season?

A: Again, every pool is different and every property is as well.  There are many different components that play into your pool water maintenance.  We offer free water testing to any of our customers who purchase their chemicals through us.  This allows us to work with you to cut back on large chemical orders if your having your water tested for quality every 1-2 weeks throughout the season.  It is also suggested to keep a solar cover on your pool to keep both heat and chemicals from evaporating quickly. 

Q: How often should I test my water?

A: We suggest testing it with at home kits regularly and having your water tested professionally at least every 1-2 weeks.  Although your water may appear to be very clear there can be things that you can't see that compromise your water quality, hardware, liner and skin.  

Q: How long does a vinyl liner last?

A: It is hard to put a life expectancy on any product since most of the life is determined by the way you maintain and care for you pool.  With proper upkeep, cleaning, precautions, and maintenance you should see a good life for your liner.  If you do ever experience a situation where you need a liner replaced we can handle that for you as well! 

Q: How much will it cost to heat my pool?

A: Once again, every pool is different.  Larger pools will cost more than smaller pools.  Pools with a larger HP heater will be different than a smaller HP heater, the time that your keep your heaters and filters running will play into this.  We suggest contacting your electric company for a more accurate estimate. 

Q: Do I need to use a solar cover?

A: YES!  A solar cover will reduce residue entering your water, causing your filter to work harder and your chemical maintenance to increase.  Additionally, it helps to keep the heat and chemicals in the water longer, as they would evaporate faster with no cover.   When you see morning or night "steam" coming off of your pool that is your water and chemicals evaporating. 

Q: I want to swim when I get home from work, can I turn on my pool from my phone?

A: YES! We offer a line of products that communicate with your smart phone or deceive that allow you to control them remotely.